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Wednesday, 12 December 2012
The Third World RIBA Conference was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 26 and 27. Dr. Mohamad Mahathir, former prime minister of Malaysia, opened the Conference with a vigorous denunciation of the current fractional-reserve banking system which prevails in the world. The Conference hosted the Islamic scholar Sheikh Imran N. Hosein, Mr. Hugo Salinas Price, president of the Mexican Civic Association Pro Silver, and other speakers from Malaysia, Australia, Canada and the United States
Tuesday, 6 December 2011
Asociación Cívica Mexicana Pro Plata, A.C.
We present here the whole text of the Congressional Bill which proposes the monetization of the "Libertad" silver ounce, which several Congressmen associated with various political parties introduced into the Congress on April 28, 2011. The Bill includes the exposition of the economic and social reasons which support the Bill's proposal, as well as the precise changes that must be made to the present Monetary Law in order to introduce the "Libertad" silver ounce into circulation, in parallel with the fiat peso.
Friday, 23 September 2011
Guillermo Barba
The title to this article should have an obvious reply, but that is not the case. Thanks to two requests for information made to Banco de Mexico (Banxico) based on the Federal Law for Transparency, we can say that it is probable that the gold in the International Reserves of Mexico…is not in the country.
Wednesday, 9 March 2011
Ramiro Tovar Landa
The monetization of the silver ounce offers the population a means for savings whit the characteristics requisite for a physical investment instrument of massive penetration